Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Manhunt for Pennsylvania cop killer costing $1.4 million a week

The manhunt to find suspect Eric Frein is costing law enforcement agencies about $1.4 million per week as hundreds of officers from three states have flocked to the Poconos to form a net around the man accused of gunning down two Pennsylvania state troopers, reported The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
The round-the-clock manhunt involving as many as 1,000 officers each day is now in its fifth week, as costs escalate and police leave their home jurisdictions to capture Frein.
With no guarantee that the search will end soon, it raises the questions of how long the Pennsylvania State police, FBI, ATF and local officers from Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey can keep up the pressure.
The answers to those questions, according to retired state police Troop M Cmdr. Ted Kohuth, are “as long as it takes” and “whatever cost is necessary.”
“It is true that the costs of this are great,” said Cmdr. Kohuth, who retired as commander in 2003 before spending eight years as a police chief. “But the costs of failing to do it are much greater. It would set a dangerous precedent. You do not let a killer who assassinated a law enforcement officer run free.”
The total cost of all that labor tallies nearly $1.4 million per week, not including the many local officers and state officers from New Jersey and New York who have joined the search.
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