Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NYPD using cutting-edge technology to solve crimes

According to the New York Daily News here is how NYPD uses technology to solve crimes. At a recent CompStat session  bullet cartridges found at several crime scenes over the prior two months were matched to one gun.
Surveillance cameras at multiple crime scenes revealed the same vehicle present at each scene. From there they tied the vehicle to an owner, and soon enough to a suspect.
All types of technology are now in play.
The NYPD recently provided the Daily News with an unprecedented look at its 21st century arsenal, which includes: 
  • Thousands of security cameras scattered throughout the city linked together in a network called the Domain Awareness System (DAS). 
  • Records of hundreds of thousands of license plate numbers scanned and pinned to specific locations at specific times. 
  • Social media posts bragging about criminal behavior. 
  • Facial recognition technology that matches facial characteristics of potential suspects to images in a massive NYPD database. 
  • Improved ballistics capability that allows cops to quickly identify the source of a bullet. 
  • Prosecutors in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island have created crime strategies units, using data to identify ties between crimes. Authorities can also map the crime to spot trends, quality of life issues or gang activity. 
  • A system of sensors the NYPD plans to install that would detect gunshots — even when residents don’t report the shootings. Cops can then sync the sensors with cameras to capture footage of the crime. 
  • Last week, a select group of cops answered calls with Microsoft tablet computers in hand that can instantly tap into the criminal history at an address — including residents with outstanding warrants. 
The department also has set aside $1.5 million for a sound sensor system called Shotspot that captures gunshots at specific locations. That allows police to respond to shots even if no one calls 911. 
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