Thursday, May 1, 2014

Florida carries out 16th execution under Governor Rick Scott

The 19th Execution of 2014
Florida executed Robert Hendrix on April 23, 2014. He was convicted of murdering two relatives to prevent one of them from testifying against him in a burglary trial, reported The Christian Science Monitor.
Hendrix was pronounced dead at 6:21 p.m. at Florida State Prison in Starke, shortly after the lethal injection procedure began. He made no final statement.
Hendrix was convicted of the 1990 murders of Elmer and Michelle Scott at their Lake County home.
Prosecutors said Hendrix killed the couple because Elmer Scott intended to testify against him. But Hendrix's attorney said no forensic evidence links his client to the murders, and the witnesses against him were unreliable.
Hendrix was the fourth person executed in Florida this year and the 16th since Gov. Rick Scott took office in 2011.
The victims' daughter, Rachel Scott, was only 5 months old when her parents were killed. She was home in her crib but was not harmed, and said she hopes her parents are remembered for who they were as people.
"I plan on keeping them alive in my heart and suggest everyone else do the same. I will always continue to tell their story," she said.
Elmer Scott's sister, Lisa Hunt, said the execution brought a sense of relief. Lisa is also a cousin of Hendrix.
Scott had already made a plea deal with prosecutors in the armed burglary case in which he and Hendrix broke into a house but only Scott was caught. His cooperation led investigators to arrest Hendrix. In the weeks leading up to his trial, prosecutors say, Hendrix told friends he would kill Scott rather than return to prison
Prosecutors say that on the night of the murders, Hendrix's live-in girlfriend — Denise Turbyville — drove him from Orange County, where they lived, to the Scotts' trailer in neighboring Lake County and dropped him off.
Michelle Scott welcomed Hendrix into the trailer, and told him Elmer Scott was in the bathroom shaving and would be out shortly. When Elmer Scott came out, Hendrix asked to use the bathroom. When he left the bathroom, Hendrix fired shots at Elmer Scott and then grabbed a knife and attacked Michelle Scott, according to prosecutors.
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