Saturday, January 18, 2014

Supreme Court to hear Jordan Brown case

(WKBN-TV) The case against Jordan Brown is heading to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
Brown, who is now 16, remains in a juvenile detention center for killing his father's pregnant girlfriend five years ago. He was arrested in 2009 for killing Kenzie Houk and his case is undergoing yet another appeal.
Brown originally was charged as an adult and that was the first appeal, which resulted in him being tried as a juvenile. In April of 2012, a judge found him "delinquent" or guilty of the murder.
That decision was then overturned by the Pennsylvania Superior Court, but the Attorney General wants the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to listen to their arguments as to why the guilty ruling should be upheld.
"This may not be the last stop if the Supreme Court would uphold the Superior Court's decision, which says he's entitled to a new trial.  Then we're going to go back to the trial stage in front of the Lawrence County judge and this case will be adjudicated again," said legal expert Matt Mangino.
Oral arguments are scheduled in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on March 12, which is two weeks after the five-year anniversary of the crime.


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