Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Michigan makes it easier to expunge juvenile records

More juvenile offenders in Michigan can now get their criminal records expunged under a bill that received rare unanimous agreement by the state House of Representatives and Senate, reported the Detroit Free Press.

The law changes rules for juvenile offenders, allowing them to request that their records be cleared if they have three or fewer misdemeanors or one felony conviction. Prior rules allowed for the request on only one misdemeanor.

Offenders also will be able to ask that their records be cleared one year after they've completed their sentence and probation, instead of the five years in current rules. But if they committed a crime that would be punishable by life in prison in the adult court system, they aren't eligible to get their record cleared.

People with juvenile records often have a tough time finding jobs, getting into college or entering the military because of their records, even if their records have been clean for years afterward.

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