Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gun-rights group goes after reporter

 A North Carolina television station, WRAL-TV, report on concealed-weapons that included a searchable database has a gun-rights organization launching a campaign against the reporter and his supervisors and applied pressure to the station’s advertisers, reported th Raleigh News & Observerer.

 A searcher looking at a particular town or city will see the streets where gun-permit holders live but won’t see the name or specific address of the permit holder. When their effort to have the site taken down failed, a gun-rights group turned to his organization’s email alert network, asking 50,000 people to deliver a message to the investigative reporter who posted the information, his bosses, and the station’s advertisers.

The gun-rights group posted informationabout the reporter culled from websites and social media sites, including photos of the reporter’s wife and children.

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