Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WV tackles prison overcrowding

The West Virginia legislature is considering a bill to ease prison crowding.  The legislation could be beneficial, not only by opening up prison beds six months early, but by helping inmates transition to the outside world -- particularly those who have served long sentences, according to Charleston Gazette .

Many inmates with a year remaining on their prison terms will opt not to have parole hearings, preferring to serve the additional time to avoid having supervision from parole officers once released.

Substance abuse treatment programs, provide inmates the incentive to pursue early release, also will help address overcrowding.

On the front-end, it would require Corrections to expand its substance abuse treatment programs for all non-violent offenders, except for those whose crimes involved children, reported the Gazette.

Upon successful completion of the treatment program, which generally runs eight months to one year, the sentencing court would have the discretion to place the individual on probation.

On the back end, inmates within six months of completing their full sentences would be placed on supervised parole. Currently, inmates who complete their sentences are discharged into society without any supervision.

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