Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis was Convicted of Murder: His Case Reviewed Countless Times

Let’s imagine for a moment that Troy Davis was guilty. That is what Dr Tim Stanley, a research fellow in American History at Oxford University, did today in The Telegraph, (A jury convicted Davis of first degree murder):

That’s the conclusion that countless appeal courts reached – including the Supreme Court in a final, cruel stay of justice. A pair of Davis’s shorts was found, covered in his victim’s blood. Not 9 witnesses, but 34 were brought to testify against him. Plus, he was actually convicted of two shootings that night, not one. If he is guilty, then last night a truly evil man was executed. Witnesses say that Davis was beating a homeless man when off-duty cop Mark MacPhail intervened to help. Davis then shot MacPhail, laughing as he pulled the trigger. The dead man left behind a family. The US media reported the Davis execution with a bizarre one-sidedness.

 His mother affirmed that Davis had been given many opportunities to prove his innocence and that she was glad he was going to die. This wretched man killed her son in cold blood. We should spare a moment to think of her, too.

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