Wednesday, July 6, 2011

As Strauss-Kahn Case Unravels: Impact on Victims

William Saletan wrote an interesting and detailed article for Slate on the unraveling of the sexual assault case against French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The article entitled Sex, Lies, and Audiotape appeared online on July 2.

The column goes into detail about the prosecutions revelation concerning the victims credibility problems. From lying on her immigration application to potential money laundering for her alleged boyfriends drug enterprise.

Saletan succinctly frames the issue in the following paragraph, "Already, there are cries of concern that if the case disintegrates, it will destroy the credibility of rape victims or immigrants, while powerful abusers will go free. That's the wrong conclusion. The unraveling of the Strauss-Kahn prosecution is a victory for justice, because investigators found ways to check the accuser's credibility. Other accusers will pass such tests. This one didn't. What the collapse of this case proves is that it's possible to distinguish true rape accusations from false ones—and that the government, having staked its reputation on an accuser's credibility, diligently investigated her and disclosed her lies. The system worked."

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