Wednesday, May 12, 2010

British Woman Closer to Execution

Linda Carty is a grandmother and one-time teacher from the West Indies nation of St. Kitts, a former British colony. She is also on death row in Texas for the murder of a young mother and the kidnapping of her 4-day-old baby. Texas prosecutors were able to convince a jury that Carty wanted a baby in order to save her marriage. She hired three men to help her get a baby. They robbed, kidnapped and killed to get that baby.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently refused to hear her appeal. She contends that her trial attorney was ineffective. Although, this appears to be her final appeal she has not given up her efforts to prove that she is innocent.

Carty has made a public plea to British citizens, asking them and human rights groups to intervene and win her clemency.

The British government has also joined with her new legal team and contend that the British consulate should have been given access to her upon her arrest.

According to CNN, the British Foreign Office has filed two amicus briefs in U.S. federal courts in Carty's case, which complain that Britain was not notified of her original arrest. According to a spokesman,the Foreign Office remains in close touch with Carty and her legal representatives.

"We're continuing to provide her with consular assistance," he said. "We've also made the U.S. aware of our stance (against) the death penalty."

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