Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kansas Abortion Trial: From Surreal to Insane

The Bizarre trial of anti-abortion zealot Scott Roeder who confessed to shooting and killing abortion provider Dr. George Tiller has gotten even more surreal. Roeder allegedly shot Tiller in church before Sunday services last May near Wichita, Kansas.

Today, Roeder took the witness stand in his own defense. His testimony followed an unsuccessful effort by his attorneys to have former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline testify. Apparently, Kline would have testified that what Tiller was doing was murder and that Roeder was justified in killing him.

However, Roeder's testimony seemed to fly in the face of his justification defense. CNN reported that Roeder first said he thought abortion could be acceptable if the mother's life was in "absolute" danger. "I struggle with that decision," he said, "because I believe that ultimately, it is up to our heavenly father. But if there was a time, that would be it."

When defense attorneys asked about his belief regarding abortion in the case of rape, Roeder said, "I do not believe that is justified. You are taking the life of the innocent. You're punishing the innocent life for the sin of the father. Two wrongs don't make a right."

Asked about incest, he said his beliefs were the same. "It isn't our duty to take life, it's our heavenly father's," he said.

Roeder believes taking a life is the sole province of the heavenly father, yet he admits to killing a doctor who performs abortions and apparently believes he is justified. It sounds as though Roeder would have been better served by an insanity defense.

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